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Confessions of a Sheep – Carolina’s TV-Corner – Overture

Welcome – sheep, shepherds and wolfs – to the TV corner.

This is a refuge for all those lost sheep who do not consider themselves affiliate to the highest school of movie art and connoisseurs of the haut cuisine of cinema.

This is the REAL world of TV, the trenches of the TV’s battle field. A reflection of societies’ good, bad and the ugly. It is shaken and stirred and certainly not for the faint hearted.

Let’s put it that way, if our much revered cinema blog is a filet with a white truffle sauce, the sheep’s TV corner is the metaphorical plate of pasta alternative, which may not particularly impress any critics but sure as hell is not letting you go home hungry. On the contrary! If you crave a good portion of gossip and some dirty, guilt ridden TV action you have found your salvation…

Here you will find the truth, half-truth and nitty gritty about reality TV, (of course a lot of speculation – the foundation of reality TV as we know it), TV Series reviews and some unfiltered personal opinions.




First sequence is coming soon!

Dexter  (2)